Commit e8cafdc1 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(struct coding_system): New members

character_unification_table_for_decode and
parent b58fda2e
......@@ -295,8 +295,9 @@ struct coding_system
additional conversion. */
Lisp_Object pre_write_conversion;
/* Character unification table to look up, or nil. */
Lisp_Object character_unification_table;
/* Character unification tables to look up, or nil. */
Lisp_Object character_unification_table_for_decode;
Lisp_Object character_unification_table_for_encode;
/* Carryover yielded by decoding/encoding incomplete source. No
coding-system yields more than 7-byte of carryover. This does
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