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* doc/misc/efaq.texi (Gnus does not work with NNTP): Remove; ancient

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2014-10-30 Glenn Morris <>
* efaq.texi (Gnus does not work with NNTP): Remove; ancient.
2014-10-20 Stefan Monnier <>
* eieio.texi (Accessing Slots, CLOS compatibility): Adjust wording
......@@ -4196,7 +4196,6 @@ fontset, or you can select it by setting the default font in your
* Replying to the sender of a message::
* Automatically starting a mail or news reader::
* Reading news with Emacs::
* Gnus does not work with NNTP::
* Making Gnus faster::
* Catching up in all newsgroups::
@end menu
......@@ -4390,27 +4389,6 @@ Manual, gnus, The Gnus Manual}, which includes @ref{Frequently Asked
Questions,, the Gnus FAQ, gnus, The Gnus Manual}.
@node Gnus does not work with NNTP
@section Why doesn't Gnus work via NNTP?
@cindex Gnus and NNTP
@cindex NNTP, Gnus fails to work with
There is a bug in NNTP version 1.5.10, such that when multiple requests
are sent to the NNTP server, the server only handles the first one
before blocking waiting for more input which never comes. NNTP version
1.5.11 claims to fix this.
You can work around the bug inside Emacs like this:
(setq nntp-maximum-request 1)
@end lisp
You can find out what version of NNTP your news server is running by
telnetting to the NNTP port (usually 119) on the news server machine
(i.e., @kbd{telnet server-machine 119}). The server should give its
version number in the welcome message. Type @kbd{quit} to get out.
@node Making Gnus faster
@section How do I make Gnus faster?
@cindex Faster, starting Gnus
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