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* building.texi (Lisp Libraries): Clarify meaning of autoloading.

parent 6dd28193
2009-07-28 Chong Yidong <>
* building.texi (Lisp Libraries): Clarify meaning of autoloading.
2009-07-23 Glenn Morris <>
* programs.texi (Matching): Update blink-matching-paren-distance.
......@@ -1270,11 +1270,13 @@ your own, put them in a single directory and add that directory to
@end example
@cindex autoload
Often you do not have to give any command to load a library, because
the commands defined in the library are set up to @dfn{autoload} that
library. Trying to run any of those commands calls @code{load} to load
the library; this replaces the autoload definitions with the real ones
from the library.
Some commands are @dfn{autoloaded}: when you run them, Emacs will
automatically load the associated library first. For instance, the
@code{compile} and @code{compilation-mode} commands
(@pxref{Compilation}) are autoloaded; if you call either command,
Emacs automatically loads the @code{compile} library. In contrast,
the command @code{recompile} is not autoloaded, so it is unavailable
until you load the @code{compile} library.
@vindex load-dangerous-libraries
@cindex Lisp files byte-compiled by XEmacs
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