Commit e8ee6827 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Properly mark obsolete semantic functions as such

* lisp/cedet/semantic/ia.el (semantic-ia-get-completions)
(semantic-ia-get-completions-deprecated): Make obsolete.
parent 22d81123
......@@ -79,15 +79,14 @@
(insert "("))
(t nil))))
(defalias 'semantic-ia-get-completions 'semantic-ia-get-completions-deprecated
"`Semantic-ia-get-completions' is obsolete.
Use `semantic-analyze-possible-completions' instead.")
(defalias 'semantic-ia-get-completions 'semantic-ia-get-completions-deprecated)
(make-obsolete 'semantic-ia-get-completions
#'semantic-analyze-possible-completions "28.1")
(defun semantic-ia-get-completions-deprecated (context point)
"A function to help transition away from `semantic-ia-get-completions'.
Return completions based on CONTEXT at POINT.
You should not use this, nor the aliased version.
Use `semantic-analyze-possible-completions' instead."
Return completions based on CONTEXT at POINT."
(declare (obsolete semantic-analyze-possible-completions "28.1"))
(semantic-analyze-possible-completions context))
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