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Describe blink-cursor-alist.

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......@@ -997,6 +997,7 @@ argument to suppress the effect of bold-face in this case.
@section Displaying the Cursor
@findex blink-cursor-mode
@vindex blink-cursor-alist
@cindex cursor, locating visually
@cindex cursor, blinking
You can customize the cursor's color, and whether it blinks, using
......@@ -1004,6 +1005,8 @@ the @code{cursor} Custom group (@pxref{Easy Customization}). On
graphical terminals, the command @kbd{M-x blink-cursor-mode} enables
or disables the blinking of the cursor. (On text terminals, the
terminal itself blinks the cursor, and Emacs has no control over it.)
You can control how the cursor appears when it blinks off
by setting the variable @cindex{blink-cursor-alist}.
@cindex cursor in non-selected windows
@vindex cursor-in-non-selected-windows
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