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* text.texi (Special Properties): Clarify the definition of

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2006-03-19 Alan Mackenzie <>
* text.texi (Special Properties): Clarify the definition of
2006-03-16 Richard Stallman <>
* display.texi (Defining Images): Minor cleanup.
......@@ -2994,9 +2994,25 @@ that all text between the character and where the mouse is have the same
@item fontified
@kindex fontified @r{(text property)}
This property, if non-@code{nil}, says that text in the buffer has
had faces assigned automatically by a feature such as Font-Lock mode.
@xref{Auto Faces}.
This property says whether the text has had faces assigned to it by
font locking. The display engine tests it to decide whether a buffer
portion needs refontifying before display. @xref{Auto Faces}. It
takes one of these three values---other values are invalid:
@table @asis
@item @code{nil}
Font locking is disabled, or the @code{face} properties on the text,
if any, are invalid.
@item The symbol @code{defer}
This value states that the text's @code{face} properties are invalid
and marks it for deferred fontification. It is used only when ``just
in time'' font locking is enabled.
@item @code{t}
The @code{face} properties, or lack of them, on the text are currently
@end table
@item display
@kindex display @r{(text property)}
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