Commit e9346494 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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*** empty log message ***

parent 79529050
2006-04-24 Kim F. Storm <>
* frame.c (x_set_font): Clear f->n_tool_bar_rows and current frame
matrices to force recalculation of tool-bar height after font change.
* xdisp.c (tool_bar_lines_needed): New local `temp_row' for clarity.
(tool_bar_lines_needed): Clear it when done, so we don't accidentally
draw a second copy of the tool-bar after resetting f->n_tool_bar_rows.
(redisplay_tool_bar): Update tool-bar-lines frame parameter whenever
we recalculate f->n_tool_bar_rows.
2006-04-23 Lars Hansen <> 2006-04-23 Lars Hansen <>
* editfns.c (find_field): Fix comment. * editfns.c (find_field): Fix comment.
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