Commit e93abe3d authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(read1): Redo the previous change with checking

parent d67f27bc
......@@ -2992,19 +2992,18 @@ read1 (readcharfun, pch, first_in_list)
#if 0
/* Fixme: The fullowing code is currently commented out
because it results in strange error in C-h f. For the
moment, I don't have a time to track down the
problem. -- Handa */
Lisp_Object name = make_specified_string (read_buffer, -1,
p - read_buffer,
Lisp_Object result = (uninterned_symbol ? Fmake_symbol (name)
: Fintern (name, Qnil));
Lisp_Object result = uninterned_symbol ? make_symbol (read_buffer)
: intern (read_buffer);
Lisp_Object name, result;
EMACS_INT nbytes = p - read_buffer;
EMACS_INT nchars
= (multibyte ? multibyte_chars_in_text (read_buffer, nbytes)
: nbytes);
if (uninterned_symbol && ! NILP (Vpurify_flag))
name = make_pure_string (read_buffer, nchars, nbytes, multibyte);
name = make_specified_string (read_buffer, nchars, nbytes,multibyte);
result = (uninterned_symbol ? Fmake_symbol (name)
: Fintern (name, Qnil));
if (EQ (Vread_with_symbol_positions, Qt)
|| EQ (Vread_with_symbol_positions, readcharfun))
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