Commit e940c6da authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(edebug-window-live-p, edebug-window-list)

(edebug-get-displayed-buffer-points): Use walk-windows/some-window
instead of cycling through windows with next-window.
parent d8aa822b
......@@ -327,22 +327,13 @@ A lambda list keyword is a symbol that starts with `&'."
(defun edebug-window-list ()
"Return a list of windows, in order of `next-window'."
;; This doesn't work for epoch.
(let* ((first-window (selected-window))
(window-list (list first-window))
(next (next-window first-window)))
(while (not (eq next first-window))
(setq window-list (cons next window-list))
(setq next (next-window next)))
(let (window-list)
(walk-windows (lambda (w) (setq window-list (cons w window-list))))
(nreverse window-list)))
(defun edebug-window-live-p (window)
"Return non-nil if WINDOW is visible."
(let* ((first-window (selected-window))
(next (next-window first-window t)))
(while (not (or (eq next window)
(eq next first-window)))
(setq next (next-window next t)))
(eq next window)))
(some-window (lambda (w) (eq w window))))
;; Not used.
'(defun edebug-two-window-p ()
......@@ -433,17 +424,13 @@ Return the result of the last expression in BODY."
(defun edebug-get-displayed-buffer-points ()
;; Return a list of buffer point pairs, for all displayed buffers.
(let* ((first-window (selected-window))
(next (next-window first-window))
(buffer-point-list nil)
(while (not (eq next first-window))
(set-buffer (setq buffer (window-buffer next)))
(setq buffer-point-list
(cons (cons buffer (point)) buffer-point-list))
(setq next (next-window next)))
(let (list)
(walk-windows (lambda (w)
(unless (eq w (selected-window))
(setq list (cons (cons (window-buffer w)
(window-point w))
(defun edebug-set-buffer-points (buffer-points)
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