Commit e960eea6 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdb-frame-handler): Only set gud-lat-frame

when there are values for both file and line. (Bug#5060)
parent 6c2b67ad
......@@ -3754,9 +3754,8 @@ overlay arrow in source buffer."
(setq gdb-frame-number (bindat-get-field frame 'level))
(setq gdb-frame-address (bindat-get-field frame 'addr))
(let ((line (bindat-get-field frame 'line)))
(setq gdb-selected-line (or (and line (string-to-number line))
nil)) ; don't fail if line is nil
(when line ; obey the current file only if we have line info
(setq gdb-selected-line (and line (string-to-number line)))
(when (and gdb-selected-file gdb-selected-line)
(setq gud-last-frame (cons gdb-selected-file gdb-selected-line))
(if gud-overlay-arrow-position
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