Commit e99652b0 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(Acknowledgments): Remove cvtmail. Mention info-finder.

parent 0916a29e
2009-08-19 Glenn Morris <>
* ack.texi (Acknowledgments): Remove cvtmail. Mention info-finder.
2009-08-18 Glenn Morris <>
* ack.texi (Acknowledgments):
......@@ -577,10 +577,6 @@ and a Lisp implementation of the SHA1 Secure Hash Algorithm.
Pavel Kobyakov wrote @file{flymake.el}, a minor mode for performing
on-the-fly syntax checking.
Larry K.@: Kolodney wrote @file{cvtmail.c}, a program to convert the mail
directories used by Gosling Emacs into RMAIL format.
David M.@: Koppelman wrote @file{hi-lock.el}, a minor mode for
interactive automatic highlighting of parts of the buffer text.
......@@ -656,8 +652,9 @@ files.
Juri Linkov wrote @file{misearch.el}, extending isearch to multi-buffer
searches; and the code in @file{files-x.el} for handling file- and
directory-local variables.
searches; the code in @file{files-x.el} for handling file- and
directory-local variables; and the @code{info-finder} feature that
creates a virtual Info manual of package keywords.
K@'{a}roly L@"{o}rentey wrote the ``multi-terminal'' code, which
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