Commit e9bf89a0 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(make_lispy_event): Offset the event code here.

Special handling for "dead accent" keysyms.
(lispy_accent_codes, lispy_accent_keys): New variables.

(quit_throw_to_read_char): Don't switch frames if
internal_last_event_frame is not a frame.

(kbd_buffer_store_event, make_lispy_event)
(stuff_buffered_input): `code' of an event is now an int.

(make_lispy_movement): If we have a frame but pos is not
in a window, return an event with the frame.

(read_key_sequence): Don't return if in middle
of possible function-key-map sequence, if the bindings were all
found by case conversion.

(set_waiting_for_input): Code testing echo_flag deleted.
(echo_flag, echo_now): Vars deleted.

(read_key_sequence): Bind case_converted at top level.
Clear it at replay_sequence.
(follow_key): Never clear *CASE_CONVERTED.

(syms_of_keyboard): Define Lisp var track-mouse.

(follow_key): New arg case_converted.
(read_key_sequence): Pass the new arg.
If key has a binding via case-conversion, that does not prevent
use of function_key_map.

(read_char): Call prepare_menu_bars.
(tracking_off): Call prepare_menu_bars.
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