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......@@ -19,10 +19,6 @@
* eshell.texi (top): Fix incorrect info filename in an xref.
2014-01-02 Vincent Belaïche <>
* ses.texi: Add documentation for local printer functions.
2014-01-02 Glenn Morris <>
* (cc_mode_deps): Rename from (typo) ccmode_deps.
......@@ -434,13 +434,6 @@ Centering with dashes and spill-over.
Centering with tildes (~) and spill-over.
@end table
You can define printer function local to a sheet with command
@code{ses-define-local-printer}. For instance define printer
@samp{foo} to @code{"%.2f"} and then use symbol @samp{foo} as a
printer function. Then, if you call again
@code{ses-define-local-printer} on @samp{foo} to redefine it as
@code{"%.3f"} all the cells using printer @samp{foo} will be reprinted
@node Clearing cells
@section Clearing cells
......@@ -45,34 +45,6 @@
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-get-coding-function): Variable.
(rmail-get-coding-system): Use it.
2014-01-02 Vincent Belaïche <>
* ses.el (ses-initial-global-parameters-re): New defconst, a
specific regexp is needed now that ses.el can handle both
file-format 2 (no local printers) and 3 (may have local printers).
(silence compiler): Add local variables needed for local printer
(ses-set-localvars): Handle hashmap initialisation.
(ses-paramlines-plist): Add param-line for number of local printers.
(ses-paramfmt-plist): New defconst, needed for code factorization
between functions `ses-set-parameter' and
(ses-make-local-printer-info): New defsubst.
(ses-locprn-get-compiled, ses-locprn-compiled-aset)
(ses-locprn-get-def, ses-locprn-def-aset, ses-locprn-get-number)
(ses-cell-printer-aset): New defmacro.
(ses-local-printer-compile): New defun.
(ses-local-printer): New defmacro.
(ses-printer-validate, ses-call-printer): Add support for local
printer functions.
(ses-file-format-extend-paramter-list): New defun.
(ses-set-parameter): Use const `ses-paramfmt-plist' for code factorization.
(ses-load): Add support for local
printer functions.
(ses-read-printer): Update docstring and add support for local printer functions.
(ses-refresh-local-printer, ses-define-local-printer): New defun.
(ses-safe-printer): Add support for local printer functions.
2013-12-31 Eli Zaretskii <>
* international/mule-conf.el: Unify the charset indian-is13194.
......@@ -238,10 +238,6 @@ Each function is called with ARG=1."
"\n( ;Global parameters (these are read first)\n 2 ;SES file-format\n 1 ;numrows\n 1 ;numcols\n)\n\n"
"Initial contents for the three-element list at the bottom of the data area.")
(defconst ses-initial-global-parameters-re
"\n( ;Global parameters (these are read first)\n [23] ;SES file-format\n [0-9]+ ;numrows\n [0-9]+ ;numcols\n\\( [0-9]+ ;numlocprn\n\\)?)\n\n"
"Match Global parameters for .")
(defconst ses-initial-file-trailer
";; Local Variables:\n;; mode: ses\n;; End:\n"
"Initial contents for the file-trailer area at the bottom of the file.")
......@@ -275,17 +271,11 @@ default printer and then modify its output.")
;; Local variables and constants
(eval-and-compile ; silence compiler
(defconst ses-localvars
'(ses--blank-line ses--cells ses--col-printers
ses--col-widths ses--curcell ses--curcell-overlay
(ses--local-printer-hashmap . :hashmap)
;; the list is there to remember the order of local printers like there
;; are written to the SES filen which service the hashmap does not
;; provide.
(ses--numlocprn . 0); count of local printers
ses--deferred-narrow ses--deferred-recalc
ses--deferred-write ses--file-format
......@@ -308,20 +298,7 @@ default printer and then modify its output.")
((symbolp x)
(set (make-local-variable x) nil))
((consp x)
((integerp (cdr x))
(set (make-local-variable (car x)) (cdr x)))
((eq (cdr x) :hashmap)
(set (make-local-variable (car x))
(if (boundp (car x))
(let ((xv (symbol-value (car x))))
(if (hash-table-p xv)
(clrhash xv)
(warn "Unexpected value of symbol %S, should be a hash table" x)
(make-hash-table :test 'eq)))
(make-hash-table :test 'eq))))
(t (error "Unexpected initializer `%S' in list `ses-localvars' for entry %S"
(cdr x) (car x)) ) ))
(set (make-local-variable (car x)) (cdr x)))
(t (error "Unexpected elements `%S' in list `ses-localvars'" x))))))
(eval-when-compile ; silence compiler
......@@ -333,21 +310,10 @@ default printer and then modify its output.")
(defconst ses-paramlines-plist
'(ses--col-widths -5 ses--col-printers -4 ses--default-printer -3
ses--header-row -2 ses--file-format 1 ses--numrows 2
ses--numcols 3 ses--numlocprn 4)
ses--numcols 3)
"Offsets from 'Global parameters' line to various parameter lines in the
data area of a spreadsheet.")
(defconst ses-paramfmt-plist
'(ses--col-widths "(ses-column-widths %S)"
ses--col-printers "(ses-column-printers %S)"
ses--default-printer "(ses-default-printer %S)"
ses--header-row "(ses-header-row %S)"
ses--file-format " %S ;SES file-format"
ses--numrows " %S ;numrows"
ses--numcols " %S ;numcols"
ses--numlocprn " %S ;numlocprn")
"Formats of 'Global parameters' various parameters in the data
area of a spreadsheet.")
;; "Side-effect variables". They are set in one function, altered in
......@@ -388,30 +354,6 @@ when to emit a progress message.")
(vector symbol formula printer references property-list))
(defsubst ses-make-local-printer-info (def &optional compiled-def number)
(let ((v (vector def
(or compiled-def (ses-local-printer-compile def))
(or number ses--numlocprn)
(push v ses--local-printer-list)
(aset v 3 ses--local-printer-list)
(defmacro ses-locprn-get-compiled (locprn)
`(aref ,locprn 1))
(defmacro ses-locprn-compiled-aset (locprn compiled)
`(aset ,locprn 1 ,compiled))
(defmacro ses-locprn-get-def (locprn)
`(aref ,locprn 0))
(defmacro ses-locprn-def-aset (locprn def)
`(aset ,locprn 0 ,def))
(defmacro ses-locprn-get-number (locprn)
`(aref ,locprn 2))
(defmacro ses-cell-symbol (row &optional col)
"From a CELL or a pair (ROW,COL), get the symbol that names the local-variable holding its value. (0,0) => A1."
`(aref ,(if col `(ses-get-cell ,row ,col) row) 0))
......@@ -429,10 +371,6 @@ when to emit a progress message.")
"From a CELL or a pair (ROW,COL), get the function that prints its value."
`(aref ,(if col `(ses-get-cell ,row ,col) row) 2))
(defmacro ses-cell-printer-aset (cell printer)
"From a CELL set the printer that prints its value."
`(aset ,cell 2 ,printer))
(defmacro ses-cell-references (row &optional col)
"From a CELL or a pair (ROW,COL), get the list of symbols for cells whose
functions refer to its value."
......@@ -612,29 +550,6 @@ PRINTER are deferred until first use."
(set sym value)
(defun ses-local-printer-compile (printer)
"Convert local printer function into faster printer
((functionp printer) printer)
((stringp printer)
`(lambda (x) (format ,printer x)))
(t (error "Invalid printer %S" printer))))
(defmacro ses-local-printer (printer-name printer-def)
"Define a local printer with name PRINTER-NAME and definition
PRINTER-DEF. Return the printer info."
(and (symbolp printer-name)
(ses-printer-validate printer-def))
(error "Invalid local printer definition"))
(and (gethash printer-name ses--local-printer-hashmap)
(error "Duplicate printer definition %S" printer-name))
(add-to-list 'ses-read-printer-history (symbol-name printer-name))
(puthash printer-name
(ses-make-local-printer-info (ses-safe-printer printer-def))
(defmacro ses-column-widths (widths)
"Load the vector of column widths from the spreadsheet file. This is a
macro to prevent propagate-on-load viruses."
......@@ -748,8 +663,6 @@ is a vector--if a symbol, the new vector is assigned as the symbol's value."
"Signal an error if PRINTER is not a valid SES cell printer."
(or (not printer)
(stringp printer)
;; printer is a local printer
(and (symbolp printer) (gethash printer ses--local-printer-hashmap))
(functionp printer)
(and (stringp (car-safe printer)) (not (cdr printer)))
(error "Invalid printer function"))
......@@ -1347,13 +1260,7 @@ printer signaled one (and \"%s\" is used as the default printer), else nil."
(format (car printer) value)
(setq value (funcall
(or (and (symbolp printer)
(let ((locprn (gethash printer ses--local-printer-hashmap)))
(and locprn
(ses-locprn-get-compiled locprn))))
(or value "")))
(setq value (funcall printer (or value "")))
(if (stringp value)
(or (stringp (car-safe value))
......@@ -1426,22 +1333,6 @@ ses--default-printer, ses--numrows, or ses--numcols."
(goto-char ses--params-marker)
(forward-line def))))
(defun ses-file-format-extend-paramter-list (new-file-format)
"Extend the global parameters list when file format is updated
from 2 to 3. This happens when local printer function are added
to a sheet that was created with SES version 2. This is not
undoable. Return nil when there was no change, and non nil otherwise."
((and (= ses--file-format 2) (= 3 new-file-format))
(ses-set-parameter 'ses--file-format 3 )
(goto-char ses--params-marker)
(forward-line (plist-get ses-paramlines-plist 'ses--numlocprn ))
(insert (format (plist-get ses-paramfmt-plist 'ses--numlocprn) ses--numlocprn)
t) )))
(defun ses-set-parameter (def value &optional elem)
"Set parameter DEF to VALUE (with undo) and write the value to the data area.
See `ses-goto-data' for meaning of DEF. Newlines in the data are escaped.
......@@ -1451,7 +1342,13 @@ If ELEM is specified, it is the array subscript within DEF to be set to VALUE."
;; in case one of them is being changed.
(ses-goto-data def)
(let ((inhibit-read-only t)
(fmt (plist-get ses-paramfmt-plist
(fmt (plist-get '(ses--col-widths "(ses-column-widths %S)"
ses--col-printers "(ses-column-printers %S)"
ses--default-printer "(ses-default-printer %S)"
ses--header-row "(ses-header-row %S)"
ses--file-format " %S ;SES file-format"
ses--numrows " %S ;numrows"
ses--numcols " %S ;numcols")
(if elem
......@@ -1837,38 +1734,29 @@ Does not execute cell formulas or print functions."
(search-backward ";; Local Variables:\n" nil t)
(backward-list 1)
(setq ses--params-marker (point-marker))
(let* ((params (ignore-errors (read (current-buffer))))
(params-len (safe-length params)))
(or (and (>= params-len 3)
(<= params-len 4)
(let ((params (ignore-errors (read (current-buffer)))))
(or (and (= (safe-length params) 3)
(numberp (car params))
(numberp (cadr params))
(>= (cadr params) 0)
(numberp (nth 2 params))
(> (nth 2 params) 0)
(or (<= params-len 3)
(let ((numlocprn (nth 3 params)))
(and (integerp numlocprn) (>= numlocprn 0)))))
(> (nth 2 params) 0))
(error "Invalid SES file"))
(setq ses--file-format (car params)
ses--numrows (cadr params)
ses--numcols (nth 2 params)
ses--numlocprn (or (nth 3 params) 0))
ses--numcols (nth 2 params))
(when (= ses--file-format 1)
(let (buffer-undo-list) ; This is not undoable.
(ses-goto-data 'ses--header-row)
(insert "(ses-header-row 0)\n")
(ses-set-parameter 'ses--file-format 3)
(ses-set-parameter 'ses--file-format 2)
(message "Upgrading from SES-1 file format")))
(or (> ses--file-format 3)
(or (= ses--file-format 2)
(error "This file needs a newer version of the SES library code"))
;; Initialize cell array.
(setq ses--cells (make-vector ses--numrows nil))
(dotimes (row ses--numrows)
(aset ses--cells row (make-vector ses--numcols nil)))
;; initialize local printer map.
(clrhash ses--local-printer-hashmap))
(aset ses--cells row (make-vector ses--numcols nil))))
;; Skip over print area, which we assume is correct.
(goto-char (point-min))
(forward-line ses--numrows)
......@@ -1879,22 +1767,7 @@ Does not execute cell formulas or print functions."
(forward-char (1- (length ses-print-data-boundary)))
;; Initialize printer and symbol lists.
(mapc 'ses-printer-record ses-standard-printer-functions)
(setq ses--symbolic-formulas nil)
;; Load local printer definitions.
;; This must be loaded *BEFORE* cells and column printers because the latters
;; may call them.
(forward-line (* ses--numrows (1+ ses--numcols)))
(let ((numlocprn ses--numlocprn))
(setq ses--numlocprn 0)
(dotimes (lp numlocprn)
(let ((x (read (current-buffer))))
(or (and (looking-at-p "\n")
(eq (car-safe x) 'ses-local-printer)
(eval x))
(error "local printer-def error"))
(setq ses--numlocprn (1+ ses--numlocprn))))))
(setq ses--symbolic-formulas nil)
;; Load cell definitions.
(dotimes (row ses--numrows)
(dotimes (col ses--numcols)
......@@ -1907,8 +1780,6 @@ Does not execute cell formulas or print functions."
(eval x)))
(or (looking-at-p "\n\n")
(error "Missing blank line between rows")))
;; Skip local printer function declaration --- that were already loaded.
(forward-line (+ 2 ses--numlocprn))
;; Load global parameters.
(let ((widths (read (current-buffer)))
(n1 (char-after (point)))
......@@ -1933,7 +1804,8 @@ Does not execute cell formulas or print functions."
(1value (eval head-row)))
;; Should be back at global-params.
(forward-char 1)
(or (looking-at-p ses-initial-global-parameters-re)
(or (looking-at-p (replace-regexp-in-string "1" "[0-9]+"
(error "Problem with column-defs or global-params"))
;; Check for overall newline count in definitions area.
(forward-line 3)
......@@ -2517,10 +2389,8 @@ cells."
(defun ses-read-printer (prompt default)
"Common code for functions `ses-read-cell-printer', `ses-read-column-printer',
`ses-read-default-printer' and `ses-define-local-printer'.
PROMPT should end with \": \". Result is t if operation was
"Common code for `ses-read-cell-printer', `ses-read-column-printer', and `ses-read-default-printer'.
PROMPT should end with \": \". Result is t if operation was canceled."
(if (eq default t)
(setq default "")
......@@ -2540,7 +2410,6 @@ canceled."
(or (not new)
(stringp new)
(stringp (car-safe new))
(and (symbolp new) (gethash new ses--local-printer-hashmap))
(ses-warn-unsafe new 'unsafep-function)
(setq new t)))
......@@ -3474,71 +3343,6 @@ highlighted range in the spreadsheet."
(symbol-name new-name)))
(defun ses-refresh-local-printer (name compiled-value)
"Refresh printout of spreadsheet for all cells with printer
defined to local printer named NAME using the value COMPILED-VALUE for this printer"
(message "Refreshing cells using printer %S" name)
(let (new-print)
(dotimes (row ses--numrows)
(dotimes (col ses--numcols)
(let ((cell-printer (ses-cell-printer row col)))
(when (eq cell-printer name)
(unless new-print
(setq new-print t)
(ses-print-cell row col)))))))
(defun ses-define-local-printer (printer-name)
"Define a local printer with name PRINTER-NAME."
(interactive "*SEnter printer name: ")
(let* ((cur-printer (gethash printer-name ses--local-printer-hashmap))
(default (and (vectorp cur-printer) (ses-locprn-get-def cur-printer)))
(new-printer (ses-read-printer (format "Enter definition of printer %S: " printer-name) default)))
;; cancelled operation => do nothing
((eq new-printer t))
;; no change => do nothing
((and (vectorp cur-printer) (equal new-printer default)))
;; re-defined printer
((vectorp cur-printer)
(setq create-printer 0)
(ses-locprn-def-aset cur-printer new-printer)
(ses-locprn-compiled-aset cur-printer (ses-local-printer-compile new-printer))))
;; new definition
(setq create-printer 1)
(puthash printer-name
(setq cur-printer
(ses-make-local-printer-info new-printer))
(when create-printer
(setq printer-def-text
"(ses-local-printer "
(symbol-name printer-name)
" "
(prin1-to-string (ses-locprn-get-def cur-printer))
(ses-goto-data ses--numrows
(ses-locprn-get-number cur-printer))
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
;; Special undo since it's outside the narrowed buffer.
(let (buffer-undo-list)
(if (= create-printer 0)
(delete-region (point) (line-end-position))
(insert ?\n)
(insert printer-def-text)
(when (= create-printer 1)
(ses-file-format-extend-paramter-list 3)
(ses-set-parameter 'ses--numlocprn (+ ses--numlocprn create-printer))) ))))) )
;; Checking formulas for safety
......@@ -3548,7 +3352,6 @@ highlighted range in the spreadsheet."
(if (or (stringp printer)
(stringp (car-safe printer))
(not printer)
(and (symbolp printer) (gethash printer ses--local-printer-hashmap))
(ses-warn-unsafe printer 'unsafep-function))
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