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2002-04-14 Colin Walters <>
* update-game-score.c (lock_file): If the lock file is older than
an hour, delete it. Reset attempts to zero if we have to break
the lock.
2002-04-14 Andreas Schwab <>
* update-game-score.c (read_score): Fix type of second parameter
......@@ -7,13 +7,18 @@
arguments; the other two were unused.
(ibuffer-redisplay, ibuffer-update): Always skip special areas.
* calc/calc-bin.el (math-format-radix-float): Load `calc-ext'
before we call `math-group-float'.
* ibuf-macs.el, ibuf-ext.el: Update callers of
* calc/calc-bin.el (math-format-radix-float): Use `when'.
* calc/calc.el (math-format-number): Load `calc-ext' before we
call `math-group-float'.
* play/gamegrid.el (gamegrid-add-score-with-update-game-score):
Renamed from `gamegrid-add-score'.
(gamegrid-add-score-insecure): Restored from the old
(gamegrid-add-score): Just dispatch on `system-type' to one of the
previous two functions.
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