Commit e9eee23e authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney

Document last change.

parent 4bc2315e
......@@ -896,6 +896,17 @@ w32_per_char_metric (font, char2b, font_type)
xassert (font && char2b);
/* TODO: This function is currently called through the RIF, and in
some cases font_type is UNKNOWN_FONT. We currently allow the
cached metrics to be used, which seems to work, but in cases
where font_type is UNKNOWN_FONT, we probably haven't encoded
char2b appropriately. All callers need checking to see what they
are passing. This is most likely to affect variable width fonts
outside the Latin-1 range, particularly in languages like Thai
that rely on rbearing and lbearing to provide composition. I
don't think that is working currently anyway, but we don't seem
to have anyone testing such languages on Windows. */
/* Handle the common cases quickly. */
if (!font->bdf && font->per_char == NULL)
/* TODO: determine whether char2b exists in font? */
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