Commit ea1a0149 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix window scrolling on TTY frames when there's no mode line

* src/window.c (window_internal_height): Remove tests for
next, prev, and parent pointers, as they are unrelated to
whether a window has a mode line.  (Bug#33363)
parent df7ed10e
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......@@ -4934,25 +4934,21 @@ window_wants_header_line (struct window *w)
: 0);
/* Return number of lines of text (not counting mode lines) in W. */
/* Return number of lines of text in window W, not counting the mode
line and header line, if any. Do NOT use this for windows on GUI
frames; use window_body_height instead. This function is only for
windows on TTY frames, where it is much more efficient. */
window_internal_height (struct window *w)
int ht = w->total_lines;
if (!MINI_WINDOW_P (w))
if (!NILP (w->parent)
|| WINDOWP (w->contents)
|| !NILP (w->next)
|| !NILP (w->prev)
|| window_wants_mode_line (w))
if (window_wants_mode_line (w))
if (window_wants_header_line (w))
if (window_wants_header_line (w))
return ht;
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