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* lisp/bookmark.el: Remove gratuitous gratitude.

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2010-01-02 Karl Fogel <>
* bookmark.el: Remove gratuitous gratitude.
2010-01-02 Karl Fogel <>
* bookmark.el (bookmark-bmenu-any-marks): New function
......@@ -30,51 +30,6 @@
;; can navigate your way to that location by providing the string.
;; See the "User Variables" section for customizations.
;; Thanks to David Bremner <> for thinking of and
;; then implementing the bookmark-current-bookmark idea. He even
;; sent *patches*, bless his soul...
;; Thanks to Gregory M. Saunders <> for
;; fixing and improving bookmark-time-to-save-p.
;; Thanks go to Andrew V. Klein <> for the code that
;; sorts the alist before presenting it to the user (in bookmark-bmenu-list
;; and the menu-bar).
;; And much thanks to David Hughes <> for many small
;; suggestions and the code to implement them (like
;; bookmark-bmenu-ensure-position, and some of the Lucid compatibility
;; stuff).
;; Kudos (whatever they are) go to Jim Blandy <>
;; for his eminently sensible suggestion to separate bookmark-jump
;; into bookmark-jump and bookmark-jump-noselect, which made many
;; other things cleaner as well.
;; Thanks to Roland McGrath for encouragement and help with defining
;; autoloads on the menu-bar.
;; Jonathan Stigelman <> gave patches for default
;; values in bookmark-jump and bookmark-set. Everybody please keep
;; all the keystrokes they save thereby and send them to him at the
;; end of each year :-) (No, seriously, thanks Jonathan!)
;; Buckets of gratitude to John Grabowski <> for
;; thinking up the annotations feature and implementing it so well.
;; Based on info-bookmark.el, by Karl Fogel and Ken Olstad
;; <>.
;; Thanks to Mikio Nakajima <> for many bugs
;; reported and fixed.
;; Thank you, Michael Kifer, for contributing the XEmacs support.
;; Enough with the credits already, get on to the good stuff:
;; Boy, that's a tough one. Probably Hong Min, or maybe Emperor's
;; Choice (both in Chicago's Chinatown). Well, both. How about you?
;;; Code:
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