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This file describes various problems that have been encountered
in compiling, installing and running GNU Emacs.
* Getting a Meta key on the FreeBSD console
By default, neither Alt nor any other key acts as a Meta key on
FreeBSD, but this can be changed using kbdcontrol(1). Dump the
current keymap to a file with the command
$ kbdcontrol -d >emacs.kbd
Edit emacs.kbd, and give the key you want to be the Meta key the
definition `meta'. For instance, if your keyboard has a ``Windows''
key with scan code 105, change the line for scan code 105 in emacs.kbd
to look like this
105 meta meta meta meta meta meta meta meta O
to make the Windows key the Meta key. Load the new keymap with
$ kbdcontrol -l emacs.kbd
* Emacs' xterm-mouse-mode doesn't work on the Gnome terminal.
A symptom of this bug is that double-clicks insert a control sequence
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