Commit eab5a18b authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(list-faces-display): Supply help-echo with

parent 2df636f4
......@@ -985,14 +985,16 @@ The sample text is a string that comes from the variable
(search-backward face-name)
(help-xref-button 0 #'customize-face face-name)))
(help-xref-button 0 #'customize-face face-name
"mouse-2: customize this face")))
(let ((beg (point)))
(insert list-faces-sample-text)
;; Hyperlink to a help buffer for the face.
(search-backward list-faces-sample-text)
(help-xref-button 0 #'describe-face face)))
(help-xref-button 0 #'describe-face face
"mouse-2: describe this face")))
(insert "\n")
(put-text-property beg (1- (point)) 'face face)
;; If the sample text has multiple lines, line up all of them.
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