Commit eabb24d0 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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[defined (__alpha__) && !defined (__NetBSD__) && !defined (__OpenBSD__)]:

Include definition of HDRR structure that used to be in sym.h,
instead of sym.h.
parent 5e1298a9
......@@ -430,7 +430,38 @@ Filesz Memsz Flags Align
#endif /* __sony_news && _SYSTYPE_SYSV */
#if defined (__alpha__) && !defined (__NetBSD__) && !defined (__OpenBSD__)
#include <sym.h> /* get COFF debugging symbol table declaration */
/* Declare COFF debugging symbol table. This used to be in
/usr/include/sym.h, but this file is no longer included in Red Hat
5.0 and presumably in any other glibc 2.x based distribution. */
typedef struct {
short magic;
short vstamp;
int ilineMax;
int idnMax;
int ipdMax;
int isymMax;
int ioptMax;
int iauxMax;
int issMax;
int issExtMax;
int ifdMax;
int crfd;
int iextMax;
long cbLine;
long cbLineOffset;
long cbDnOffset;
long cbPdOffset;
long cbSymOffset;
long cbOptOffset;
long cbAuxOffset;
long cbSsOffset;
long cbSsExtOffset;
long cbFdOffset;
long cbRfdOffset;
long cbExtOffset;
#define cbHDRR sizeof(HDRR)
#define hdrNil ((pHDRR)0)
#ifdef __NetBSD__
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