Commit eac1f7d8 authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(Custom-reset-standard): Make it handle Custom group

buffers correctly.  (It used to throw an error in such buffers.)
Make it ask for confirmation in group buffers and other Custom
buffers containing more than one customization item.
parent 2036ac73
......@@ -800,13 +800,18 @@ This operation eliminates any saved settings for the group members,
making them as if they had never been customized at all."
(let ((children custom-options))
(mapc (lambda (widget)
(and (widget-get widget :custom-standard-value)
(widget-apply widget :custom-standard-value)
(if (memq (widget-get widget :custom-state)
'(modified set changed saved rogue))
(widget-apply widget :custom-reset-standard))))
(when (or (and (= 1 (length children))
(memq (widget-type (car children))
'(custom-variable custom-face)))
(yes-or-no-p "Really erase all customizations in this buffer? "))
(mapc (lambda (widget)
(and (if (widget-get widget :custom-standard-value)
(widget-apply widget :custom-standard-value)
(memq (widget-get widget :custom-state)
'(modified set changed saved rogue))
(widget-apply widget :custom-reset-standard)))
;;; The Customize Commands
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