Commit eae6e8c2 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Fix several translation rules.

parent 15f7f59e
;; quail/ethiopic.el --- Quail package for inputting Ethiopic characters
;; Copyright (C) 1997 Electrotechnical Laboratory, JAPAN.
;; Copyright (C) 1997, 1998 Electrotechnical Laboratory, JAPAN.
;; Licensed to the Free Software Foundation.
;; Keywords: multilingual, input method, ethiopic
......@@ -785,20 +785,20 @@ C-' or `M-x ethio-gemination'
("GWE" ?$(3%S(B)
("GW'" ?$(3%c(B)
("te" ?$(3$'(B)
("tu" ?$(3$((B)
("ti" ?$(3$)(B)
("ta" ?$(3$*(B)
("tE" ?$(3$+(B)
("t" ?$(3$,(B)
("to" ?$(3$-(B)
("tW" ?$(3$.(B)
("tWa" ?$(3$.(B)
("tWe" ["$(3$,%n(B"])
("tWu" ["$(3$,%r(B"])
("tWi" ["$(3$,%o(B"])
("tWE" ["$(3$,%q(B"])
("tW'" ["$(3$,%r(B"])
("Te" ?$(3$'(B)
("Tu" ?$(3$((B)
("Ti" ?$(3$)(B)
("Ta" ?$(3$*(B)
("TE" ?$(3$+(B)
("T" ?$(3$,(B)
("To" ?$(3$-(B)
("TW" ?$(3$.(B)
("TWa" ?$(3$.(B)
("TWe" ["$(3$,%n(B"])
("TWu" ["$(3$,%r(B"])
("TWi" ["$(3$,%o(B"])
("TWE" ["$(3$,%q(B"])
("TW'" ["$(3$,%r(B"])
("Ce" ?$(3$/(B)
("Cu" ?$(3$0(B)
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