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* modes.texi (Precalculated Fontification): Clarify text.

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2009-05-17 Richard M Stallman <>
* modes.texi (Precalculated Fontification): Clarify text.
2009-05-17 Martin Rudalics <>
* windows.texi (Selecting Windows): Clarify descriptions of
......@@ -2864,18 +2864,21 @@ wherever they appear.
@node Precalculated Fontification
@subsection Precalculated Fontification
In addition to using @code{font-lock-defaults} for search-based
fontification, you may use the special character property
@code{font-lock-face} (@pxref{Special Properties}). This property
acts just like the explicit @code{face} property, but its activation
is toggled when the user calls @kbd{M-x font-lock-mode}. Using
@code{font-lock-face} is especially convenient for special modes
which construct their text programmatically, such as
@code{list-buffers} and @code{occur}.
If your mode does not use any of the other machinery of Font Lock
(i.e. it only uses the @code{font-lock-face} property), it should not
set the variable @code{font-lock-defaults}.
Some major modes such as @code{list-buffers} and @code{occur}
construct the buffer text programmatically. The easiest way for them
to support Font Lock mode is to specify the faces of text when they
insert the text in the buffer.
The way to do this is to specify the faces in the text with the
special text property @code{font-lock-face} (@pxref{Special
Properties}). When Font Lock mode is enabled, this property controls
the display, just like the @code{face} property. When Font Lock mode
is disabled, @code{font-lock-face} has no effect on the display.
It is ok for a mode to use @code{font-lock-face} for some text and
also use the normal Font Lock machinery. But if the mode does not use
the normal Font Lock machinery, it should not set the variable
@node Faces for Font Lock
@subsection Faces for Font Lock
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