Commit eaf9b564 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Use window-full-height-p.

parent 25ab0302
2009-10-06 Glenn Morris <>
* emerge.el (emerge-show-file-name):
* calc/calc.el (calc-quit):
* calc/calc-misc.el (calc-big-or-small):
* calc/calc-graph.el (calc-graph-view):
* calc/calc-ext.el (calc-reset):
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-basic-setup):
Use window-full-height-p.
* mail/rmailedit.el (rmail-cease-edit): If there is a Content-Type
header we don't understand, don't insert another. (Bug#4624)
If changing mime charset, insert the new one in the right place.
......@@ -1343,7 +1343,7 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
;; take up the whole height of the frame.
(if (and
(< (window-height win) (1- (frame-height))))
(not (window-full-height-p)))
(let ((height (- (window-height win) 2)))
(set-window-point win (point))
(or (= height calc-window-height)
......@@ -1388,7 +1388,7 @@ This \"dumb\" driver will be present in Gnuplot 3.0."
(set-window-buffer win buf)
(if (eq major-mode 'calc-mode)
(if (or need
(< (window-height) (1- (frame-height))))
(not (window-full-height-p)))
(display-buffer buf))
(switch-to-buffer buf)))))
......@@ -140,8 +140,8 @@ Calc user interface as before (either C-x * C or C-x * K; initially C-x * C).
(if cwin
(setq calc-full-mode
(if kwin
(and twin (eq (window-width twin) (frame-width)))
(eq (window-height cwin) (1- (frame-height))))))
(and twin (window-full-width-p twin))
(window-full-height-p cwin))))
(setq calc-full-mode (if arg
(> (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0)
(not calc-full-mode)))
......@@ -1496,7 +1496,7 @@ commands given here will actually operate on the *Calculator* stack."
;; next time Calc is called, the window will be the same size
;; as the current window.
(if (and win
(< (window-height win) (1- (frame-height)))
(not (window-full-height-p win))
(window-full-width-p win) ; avoid calc-keypad
(not (get-buffer-window "*Calc Keypad*")))
(setq calc-window-height (- (window-height win) 2)))
......@@ -1320,9 +1320,9 @@ display the generated calendar."
;; Is this a wide frame? If so, split it horizontally.
(if (window-splittable-p t) (split-window-horizontally))
(pop-to-buffer calendar-buffer)
;; Has the window already been split vertically? (See bug#4543)
;; Has the window already been split vertically?
(when (and (not (window-dedicated-p))
(= (window-height) (window-height (frame-root-window))))
(let ((win (split-window-vertically)))
;; Show something else in the upper window.
(switch-to-buffer (other-buffer))
......@@ -3103,10 +3103,9 @@ SPC, it is ignored; if it is anything else, it is processed as a command."
(insert name)
(if (not (pos-visible-in-window-p))
(while (and (not (pos-visible-in-window-p))
(> (1- (frame-height)) (window-height)))
(enlarge-window 1)))
(while (and (not (pos-visible-in-window-p))
(not (window-full-height-p)))
(enlarge-window 1))
(let* ((echo-keystrokes 0)
(c (read-event)))
(if (not (eq c 32))
2009-10-06 Glenn Morris <>
* mh-show.el (mh-show-msg): Use window-full-height-p.
2009-08-28 Stefan Monnier <>
* mh-comp.el (mh-send-letter): default-buffer-file-coding-system
......@@ -148,9 +148,11 @@ displayed."
(if (not clean-message-header)
(mh-display-msg msg folder)))
(if (not (= (1+ (window-height)) (frame-height))) ;not horizontally split
(shrink-window (- (window-height) (or mh-summary-height
(unless (if (fbound 'window-full-height-p)
(= (1+ (window-height)) (frame-height))) ; not vertically split
(shrink-window (- (window-height) (or mh-summary-height
(mh-recenter nil)
;; The following line is a nop which forces update of the scan line so
;; that font-lock will update it (if needed)...
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