Commit eafc985f authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky
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; Update test for previous change

* test/lisp/progmodes/python-tests.el
(python-indent-after-backslash-4): Indent after backslash is now
parent c9097e9b
......@@ -755,10 +755,10 @@ super_awful_assignment = some_calculation() and \\\\
(python-tests-look-at "another_calculation() and \\\\")
(should (eq (car (python-indent-context))
(should (= (python-indent-calculate-indentation) 25))
(should (= (python-indent-calculate-indentation) python-indent-offset))
(python-tests-look-at "some_final_calculation()")
(should (eq (car (python-indent-context)) :after-backslash))
(should (= (python-indent-calculate-indentation) 25))))
(should (= (python-indent-calculate-indentation) python-indent-offset))))
(ert-deftest python-indent-after-backslash-5 ()
"Dotted continuation bizarre example."
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