Commit eb15ce9e authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

*** empty log message ***

parent 7fc92635
2004-05-13 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/appt.el (appt-disp-window): Use
`calendar-set-mode-line' for a centered mode-line.
2004-05-13 Takaaki Ota <> (tiny change)
* calendar/appt.el (appt-disp-window): Do not split window
excessively when `split-height-threshold' is low.
2004-05-12 Nick Roberts <>
* progmodes/gud.el (gud-mode): Add gud-kill-buffer-hook to
2004-05-13 Glenn Morris <>
* window.c (Fdisplay_buffer, Fsplit_window)
(split-height-threshold): Doc fix.
2004-05-13 Juanma Barranquero <>
* xfaces.c (Ftty_supports_face_attributes_p)
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