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Add license info for mh-logo.

More detailed info on source of gnome icons.
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File: mh-logo.xpm
Author: Satyaki Das
Copyright (C) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later (see COPYING)
The following icons are from GTK+ 2.x and GNOME 2.x. They are not
part of Emacs, but distributed and used by Emacs.
......@@ -45,15 +47,33 @@ part of Emacs, but distributed and used by Emacs.
* From GNOME 2.x:
attach.xpm connect.xpm contact.xpm data-save.xpm delete.xpm
describe.xpm disconnect.xpm exit.xpm lock-broken.xpm lock-ok.xpm
lock.xpm redo.xpm search-replace.xpm next-page.xpm refresh.xpm
separator.xpm sort-ascending.xpm sort-column-ascending.xpm
sort-criteria.xpm sort-descending.xpm sort-row-ascending.xpm
zoom-in.xpm zoom-out.xpm
cancel.xpm is a slightly modified stock_stop.
show.xpm is a slightly modified stock_new.
Emacs images and their source in the GNOME icons stock/ directory:
attach.xpm document/stock_attach
cancel.xpm slightly modified generic/stock_stop
connect.xpm net/stock_connect
contact.xpm net/stock_contact
data-save.xpm data/stock_data-save
delete.xpm generic/stock_delete
describe.xpm generic/stock_properties
disconnect.xpm net/stock_disconnect
exit.xpm generic/stock_exit
lock-broken.xpm data/stock_lock-broken
lock-ok.xpm data/stock_lock-ok
lock.xpm data/stock_lock
redo.xpm generic/stock_redo
search-replace.xpm slightly modified generic/stock_search-and-replace
next-page.xpm navigation/stock_next-page
refresh.xpm generic/stock_refresh
separator.xpm ?
show.xpm slightly modified document/stock_new
sort-ascending.xpm slightly modified data/stock_sort-ascending
sort-column-ascending.xpm data/stock_sort-column-ascending
sort-criteria.xpm data/stock_sort-criteria
sort-descending.xpm slightly modified data/stock_sort-descending
sort-row-ascending.xpm data/stock_sort-row-ascending
zoom-in.xpm navigation/stock_zoom-in
zoom-out.xpm navigation/stock_zoom-out
next-node.xpm and prev-node.xpm are from gthumb version 2.0 (part of
GNOME 2.x) where they are called next-image-24.png and prev-image-24.png.
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