Commit eb3b52fa authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Check for locale.h.

parent f11aa0b2
2003-06-06 Dave Love <>
* Check for locale.h.
2003-06-05 Dave Love <>
* Check for memcpy, mempcpy, mblen, mbrlen. Use
(NLIST_STRUCT): Don't define.
(AH_BOTTOM): Define my_strftime.
2003-06-02 Richard M. Stallman <>
......@@ -1409,7 +1409,7 @@ dnl checks for header files
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(sys/select.h sys/timeb.h sys/time.h unistd.h utime.h \
linux/version.h sys/systeminfo.h termios.h limits.h string.h stdlib.h \
termcap.h stdio_ext.h fcntl.h strings.h coff.h pty.h sys/mman.h \
sys/param.h sys/vlimit.h sys/resource.h)
sys/param.h sys/vlimit.h sys/resource.h locale.h)
dnl On Solaris 8 there's a compilation warning for term.h because
dnl it doesn't define `bool'.
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(term.h, , , -)
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