Commit eb4686e4 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Fprocess_status): Use Fget_process, to avoid error

if unknown process name.
parent e8608d6a
......@@ -631,14 +631,12 @@ closed -- for a network stream connection that is closed.\n\
nil -- if arg is a process name and no such process exists.\n\
PROCESS may be a process, a buffer, the name of a process or buffer, or\n\
nil, indicating the current buffer's process.")
/* command -- for a command channel opened to Emacs by another process.\n\
external -- for an i/o channel opened to Emacs by another process.\n\ */
register Lisp_Object proc;
register struct Lisp_Process *p;
register Lisp_Object status;
proc = get_process (proc);
proc = Fget_process (proc);
if (NILP (proc))
return proc;
p = XPROCESS (proc);
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