Commit eb7ffc14 authored by Leo Liu's avatar Leo Liu
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Improve key bindings in edit-abbrevs-mode

C-x C-s and C-x C-w in edit-abbrevs-mode now do something similar to
their corresponding global bindings.
parent 77861b95
2011-03-30 Leo Liu <>
* abbrev.el (abbrev-edit-save-to-file, abbrev-edit-save-buffer):
New commands.
(edit-abbrevs-map): Bind them here.
(write-abbrev-file): New optinal arg VERBOSE. (Bug#5937)
2011-03-29 Ken Manheimer <>
* allout.el (allout-hide-by-annotation, allout-flag-region):
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ abbreviation causes it to expand and be replaced by its expansion."
(defvar edit-abbrevs-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map "\C-x\C-s" 'edit-abbrevs-redefine)
(define-key map "\C-x\C-s" 'abbrev-edit-save-buffer)
(define-key map "\C-x\C-w" 'abbrev-edit-save-to-file)
(define-key map "\C-c\C-c" 'edit-abbrevs-redefine)
"Keymap used in `edit-abbrevs'.")
......@@ -216,13 +217,15 @@ Does not display any message."
;(interactive "fRead abbrev file: ")
(read-abbrev-file file t))
(defun write-abbrev-file (&optional file)
(defun write-abbrev-file (&optional file verbose)
"Write all user-level abbrev definitions to a file of Lisp code.
This does not include system abbrevs; it includes only the abbrev tables
listed in listed in `abbrev-table-name-list'.
The file written can be loaded in another session to define the same abbrevs.
The argument FILE is the file name to write. If omitted or nil, the file
specified in `abbrev-file-name' is used."
specified in `abbrev-file-name' is used.
If VERBOSE is non-nil, display a message indicating where abbrevs
have been saved."
(read-file-name "Write abbrev file: "
......@@ -252,7 +255,25 @@ specified in `abbrev-file-name' is used."
(goto-char (point-min))
(insert (format ";;-*-coding: %s;-*-\n" coding-system-for-write))
(write-region nil nil file nil 0))))
(write-region nil nil file nil (and (not verbose) 0)))))
(defun abbrev-edit-save-to-file (file)
"Save all user-level abbrev definitions in current buffer to FILE."
(list (read-file-name "Save abbrevs to file: "
(expand-file-name abbrev-file-name))
(write-abbrev-file file t))
(defun abbrev-edit-save-buffer ()
"Save all user-level abbrev definitions in current buffer.
The saved abbrevs are written to the file specified by
(abbrev-edit-save-to-file abbrev-file-name))
(defun add-mode-abbrev (arg)
"Define mode-specific abbrev for last word(s) before point.
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