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(Terminal Type): New node.

(Editing Types): Add it to the menu.
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......@@ -1347,7 +1347,8 @@ editing.
* Buffer Type:: The basic object of editing.
* Marker Type:: A position in a buffer.
* Window Type:: Buffers are displayed in windows.
* Frame Type:: Windows subdivide frames.
* Frame Type:: Windows subdivide frames.
* Terminal Type:: A terminal device displays frames.
* Window Configuration Type:: Recording the way a frame is subdivided.
* Frame Configuration Type:: Recording the status of all frames.
* Process Type:: A subprocess of Emacs running on the underlying OS.
......@@ -1492,6 +1493,25 @@ uniquely).
@xref{Frames}, for a description of the functions that work on frames.
@node Terminal Type
@subsection Terminal Type
@cindex terminal type
A @dfn{terminal} is a device capable of displaying one or more
Emacs frames (@pxref{Frame Type}).
Terminals have no read syntax. They print in hash notation giving
the terminal's ordinal number and its TTY device file name.
(get-device-terminal nil)
@result{} #<terminal 1 on /dev/tty>
@end group
@end example
@c FIXME: add an xref to where terminal-related primitives are described.
@node Window Configuration Type
@subsection Window Configuration Type
@cindex window layout in a frame
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