Commit ebb135af authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Add auth-source.

parent e280480a
2009-03-03 Glenn Morris <>
* info/dir: Add Auth-source.
2009-02-28 Stefan Monnier <>
* (src): Fix last change so the first `cd' doesn't affect
......@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ Emacs misc features
* WoMan: (woman). Browse UN*X Manual Pages "W.O. (without) Man".
Emacs lisp libraries
* Auth-source: (auth). A single configuration for multiple applications.
* CL: (cl). Partial Common Lisp support for Emacs Lisp.
* D-Bus: (dbus). Using D-Bus in Emacs.
* Emacs MIME: (emacs-mime). Emacs MIME de/composition library.
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