Commit ebcc4e2e authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(devanagari-reorder-glyphs-for-decomposition): Fix the way to

handle devanagari-decomposition-rules.
parent edf496dd
......@@ -1166,8 +1166,8 @@ Ligatures and special rules are processed."
"This function re-orders glyph list for decomposition."
(sort glyphlist
'(lambda (x y)
(let ((xx (assoc x devanagari-decomposition-rules))
(yy (assoc y devanagari-decomposition-rules)))
(let ((xx (nth 1 (assoc x devanagari-decomposition-rules)))
(yy (nth 1 (assoc y devanagari-decomposition-rules))))
(if (null xx) (setq xx 0))
(if (null yy) (setq yy 0))
(< xx yy)))))
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