Commit ebe4c710 authored by Vinicius Jose Latorre's avatar Vinicius Jose Latorre
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Pacify byte compiler

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2007-10-26 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* printing.el: Pacify byte compiler, that is, no compiler warnings.
Move (again) some variable definitions before use, define some fun
aliases, no code change.
(pr-version): New version 6.9.2.
(pr-path-style, pr-auto-region, pr-menu-char-height)
(pr-menu-char-width, pr-menu-lock, pr-ps-printer-alist)
(pr-txt-printer-alist, pr-ps-utility-alist): Options declaration
via (defvar VAR).
(pr-menu-lookup, pr-menu-lock, pr-menu-alist, pr-even-or-odd-pages)
(pr-menu-get-item, pr-menu-set-item-name, pr-menu-set-utility-title)
(pr-menu-set-ps-title, pr-menu-set-txt-title, pr-region-active-p)
(pr-do-update-menus, pr-update-mode-line, pr-f-read-string)
(pr-f-set-keymap-parents, pr-keep-region-active): Fun aliases.
(defvar pr-menu-print-item, pr-ps-printer-menu-modified)
(pr-txt-printer-menu-modified, pr-ps-utility-menu-modified)
(pr-even-or-odd-alist): Vars definition moved.
2007-10-26 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* emulation/pc-select.el (next-line-mark, next-line-nomark)
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