Commit ec054e33 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

* (${SUBDIR}): Pass CONFIG_CFLAGS to the submakes, not


	* (locallisppath): Make this default to
	${datadir}/emacs/site-lisp, instead of
	${datadir}/emacs/local-lisp.  ${datadir} and ${statedir} are often
	the same thing, and local-lisp causes completion conflicts with
	(lisppath): Add ${externallispdir} to this.
	* INSTALL: Adjust installation directions.

	* (externallispdir): New variable, to say where to
	install the externally-maintained lisp files.
	(COPYDIR, COPYDESTS): Copy the external lisp directory just like
	the others.
	* INSTALL: Describe external-lisp and the new externallispdir
parent 35a37ee7
......@@ -111,16 +111,22 @@ srcdir=.
# versions of Emacs will install themselves in separate directories.
# Where to install the elisp files which are distributed with Emacs
# but not maintained by the FSF. This includes the Emacs version, so
# that the lisp files for different versions of Emacs will install
# themselves in separate directories.
# Directories Emacs should search for elisp files specific to this
# site (i.e. customizations), before consulting ${lispdir}. This
# should be a colon-separated list of directories.
# Where Emacs will search to find its elisp files. Before changing
# this, check to see if your purpose wouldn't better be served by
# changing locallisppath. This should be a colon-separated list of
# directories.
# Where Emacs will search for its elisp files while building. This is
# only used during the process of compiling Emacs, to help Emacs find
......@@ -176,8 +182,8 @@ SUBDIR_MAKEFILES = lib-src/Makefile src/Makefile
# When installing the info files, we need to do special things to
# avoid nuking an existing dir file, so we don't do that here;
# instead, we have written out explicit code in the `install' targets.
COPYDIR = etc ${srcdir}/lisp
COPYDESTS = ${etcdir} ${lispdir}
COPYDIR = etc ${srcdir}/lisp ${srcdir}/external-lisp
COPYDESTS = ${etcdir} ${lispdir} ${externallispdir}
all: src/paths.h ${SUBDIR}
......@@ -206,7 +212,7 @@ src: lib-src
cd $@; $(MAKE) all ${MFLAGS} \
srcdir='${srcdir}/$@' libdir='${libdir}'
## We build the makefiles for the subdirectories here so that we can
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