Commit ec13c2e6 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Some more tidying and simplification pending merge.

parent 6dfd6a66
......@@ -573,11 +573,9 @@
* keyboard.c (push_frame_kboard, pop_kboard, pop_kboard)
(kbd_buffer_get_event, read_avail_input, tty_read_avail_input)
(interrupt_signal, Fset_output_flow_control)
(Fset_input_meta_mode, Fset_quit_char, delete_kboard)
(syms_of_keyboard): Update for renames.
(delete_kboard, syms_of_keyboard): Update for renames.
* alloc.c (mark_devices): Update declaration.
(Fgarbage_collect): Update for renames.
* alloc.c (Fgarbage_collect): Update for renames.
* coding.c (Fset_terminal_coding_system_internal)
......@@ -658,6 +656,8 @@
2005-12-25 Karoly Lorentey <>
* terminal.c: New file.
* term.c (Vring_bell_function, device_list, initial_device)
(next_device_id, ring_bell, update_begin, update_end)
(set_terminal_window, cursor_to, raw_cursor_to)
......@@ -666,19 +666,6 @@
(Fdisplay_name, create_device, delete_device): Move to terminal.c.
(syms_of_term): Move their initialization to terminal.c.
* terminal.c: New file.
(device_list, next_device_id, initial_device, Vring_bell_function)
(ring_bell, update_begin, update_end, set_terminal_window)
(cursor_to, raw_cursor_to, clear_to_end, clear_frame)
(clear_end_of_line, write_glyphs, insert_glyphs, delete_glyphs)
(ins_del_lines, create_device, delete_device)
(Fdisplay_name): Move here.
(mark_devices, get_terminal_param, store_terminal_param)
(Fterminal_parameters, Fterminal_parameter)
(Fmodify_terminal_parameters, Fset_terminal_parameter)
(init_initial_device, delete_initial_device)
(syms_of_terminal): New functions.
* (obj): Add terminal.o.
(terminal.o): Add dependencies.
[HAVE_CARBON]: Make terminal.o depend on macgui.h.
......@@ -736,7 +723,7 @@
2005-12-23 Karoly Lorentey <>
* print.c (print_preprocess): Don't loose print_depth levels while
* print.c (print_preprocess): Don't lose print_depth levels while
2005-12-23 Karoly Lorentey <>
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