Commit ec13c46b authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen
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Include port numbers in `M-x list-processes'

* lisp/simple.el (list-processes--refresh): Include the port
numbers in the network connection list (bug#13604).
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......@@ -4112,12 +4112,17 @@ Also, delete any process that is exited or signaled."
(if (plist-get contact :server)
(format "server on %s"
(plist-get contact :host)
(plist-get contact :local)))
(format "connection to %s"
(plist-get contact :host))))
"server on %s"
(if (plist-get contact :host)
(format "%s:%s"
(plist-get contact :host)
contact :service))
(plist-get contact :local)))
(format "connection to %s:%s"
(plist-get contact :host)
(plist-get contact :service))))
(format "(serial port %s%s)"
(or (plist-get contact :port) "?")
(let ((speed (plist-get contact :speed)))
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