Commit ec406436 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(handle_invisible_prop): After setting up an ellipsis, return HANDLED_RETURN.

parent 93870ce2
......@@ -85,16 +85,6 @@ Report by Sebastien Rocca Serra <> on emacs-devel
from 2007-08-30. martin rudalics has a potential patch.
** GNU NT-Emacs crashes with longlines-mode and outline-mode
Reported by Rainer Thiel <> on emacs-pretest-bug
from 2007-09-22.
Jason Rumney has a recipe for reproducing this on GNU/Linux:
Minimum cause: "It occurs when the character before the display
property is replaced with an ellipsis"
Here we list any small fixes that arrived too late for Emacs 22.2, but
2007-10-09 Richard Stallman <>
* xdisp.c (handle_invisible_prop): After setting up an ellipsis,
2007-10-06 Martin Rudalics <>
* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event): Break loop waiting for input
......@@ -3719,6 +3719,10 @@ handle_invisible_prop (it)
it->position.bytepos = CHAR_TO_BYTE (it->position.charpos);
setup_for_ellipsis (it, 0);
/* Let the ellipsis display before
considering any properties of the following char.
Fixes 01 Oct 07 bug. */
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