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Added notes on how the Baha'i calendar works.

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;; This collection of functions implements the features of calendar.el
;; and diary.el that deal with the Baha'i calendar.
;; The Baha'i ( calendar system is based on a
;; solar cycle of 19 months with 19 days each. The four remaining
;; "intercalary" days are called the Ayyam-i-Ha (days of Ha), and are
;; placed between the 18th and 19th months. They are meant as a time
;; of festivals preceding the 19th month, which is the month of
;; fasting. In Gregorian leap years, there are 5 of these days (Ha
;; has the numerical value of 5 in the arabic abjad, or
;; letter-to-number, reckoning).
;; Each month is named after an attribute of God, as are the 19 days
;; -- which have the same names as the months. There is also a name
;; for each year in every 19 year cycle. These cycles are called
;; Vahids. A cycle of 19 Vahids (361 years) is called a Kullu-Shay,
;; which means "all things".
;; The calendar was named the "Badi calendar" by its author, the Bab.
;; It uses a week of seven days, corresponding to the Gregorian week,
;; each of which has its own name, again patterned after the
;; attributes of God.
;; Note: The days of Ayyam-i-Ha are encoded as zero and negative
;; offsets from the first day of the final month. So, (19 -3 157) is
;; the first day of Ayyam-i-Ha, in the year 157 BE.
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