Commit ed2f7fc8 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(desktop-list*): New function.

(desktop-internal-v2s): Generate output using desktop-list*.
parent 52b9a931
......@@ -217,6 +217,17 @@ the like shorter.")
(signal (car err) (cdr err)))))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defun desktop-list* (&rest args)
(if (null (cdr args))
(car args)
(setq args (nreverse args))
(let ((value (cons (nth 1 args) (car args))))
(setq args (cdr (cdr args)))
(while args
(setq value (cons (car args) value))
(setq args (cdr args)))
(defun desktop-internal-v2s (val)
"Convert VALUE to a pair (QUOTE . TXT); (eval (read TXT)) gives VALUE.
TXT is a string that when read and evaluated yields value.
......@@ -254,6 +265,7 @@ QUOTE may be `may' (value may be quoted),
((consp val)
(let ((p val)
(while (consp p)
(let ((q.txt (desktop-internal-v2s (car p))))
......@@ -263,22 +275,15 @@ QUOTE may be `may' (value may be quoted),
(if p
(let ((last (desktop-internal-v2s p))
(el (car newlist)))
(setcar newlist
(if (or anynil (setq anynil (null (car last))))
(cons nil
(concat "(cons "
(if (eq (car el) 'must) "'" "")
(cdr el)
" "
(if (eq (car last) 'must) "'" "")
(cdr last)
(cons 'must
(concat (cdr el) " . " (cdr last)))))))
(or anynil (setq anynil (null (car last))))
(or anynil
(setq newlist (cons '(must . ".") newlist)))
(setq use-list* t)
(setq newlist (cons last newlist))))
(setq newlist (nreverse newlist))
(if anynil
(cons nil
(concat "(list "
(concat (if use-list* "(desktop-list* " "(list ")
(mapconcat (lambda (el)
(if (eq (car el) 'must)
(concat "'" (cdr el))
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