Commit ed44217d authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Fix completion in `read-library-name'

* lisp/emacs-lisp/find-func.el (read-library-name): Only list
.el/.el.gz files when completing (bug#36945).
parent d9e4d52a
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in 53 minutes and 20 seconds
......@@ -285,10 +285,19 @@ Interactively, prompt for LIBRARY using the one at or near point."
A library name is the filename of an Emacs Lisp library located
in a directory under `load-path' (or `find-function-source-path',
if non-nil)."
(let* ((dirs (or find-function-source-path load-path))
(suffixes (find-library-suffixes))
(table (apply-partially 'locate-file-completion-table
dirs suffixes))
(let* ((suffix-regexp (mapconcat
(lambda (suffix)
(concat (regexp-quote suffix) "\\'"))
(table (cl-loop for dir in (or find-function-source-path load-path)
when (file-readable-p dir)
append (mapcar
(lambda (file)
(replace-regexp-in-string suffix-regexp
"" file))
(directory-files dir nil
(def (if (eq (function-called-at-point) 'require)
;; `function-called-at-point' may return 'require
;; with `point' anywhere on this line. So wrap the
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