Commit ed78d16c authored by Xue Fuqiao's avatar Xue Fuqiao
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Some fixes for vc-ignore (Bug#15754).

Inspired by Andreas Politz and Dmitry Gutov.
parents 55db967f 77bbf371
2013-12-25 Xue Fuqiao <>
* vc/vc.el (vc-ignore): Use `vc-responsible-backend'.
Fix interactive spec. Doc fix. (Bug#15754)
2013-12-25 Katsumi Yamaoka <>
* emacs-lisp/byte-run.el (eval-when-compile):
......@@ -1343,23 +1343,33 @@ first backend that could register the file is used."
(let ((vc-handled-backends (list backend)))
(call-interactively 'vc-register)))
(defun vc-ignore (file &optional directory)
"Ignore FILE under the VCS of DIRECTORY (default is `default-directory').
FILE is a file wildcard.
When called interactively and with a prefix argument, remove FILE
from ignored files.
When called from Lisp code, if DIRECTORY is non-nil, the
repository to use will be deduced by DIRECTORY."
(defun vc-ignore (file &optional directory remove)
"Ignore FILE under the VCS of DIRECTORY.
Normally, FILE is a wildcard specification that matches the files
to be ignored. When REMOVE is non-nil, remove FILE from the list
of ignored files.
DIRECTORY defaults to `default-directory' and is used to
determine the responsible VC backend.
When called interactively, prompt for a FILE to ignore, unless a
prefix argument is given, in which case prompt for a file FILE to
remove from the list of ignored files."
(list (read-file-name "The file to ignore: ")
"The file to remove: "
(vc-backend default-directory)
'ignore-completion-table default-directory))))
(if (not current-prefix-arg)
(read-file-name "File to ignore: ")
"File to remove: "
(or (vc-responsible-backend default-directory)
(error "Unknown backend"))
'ignore-completion-table default-directory)))
nil current-prefix-arg))
(let* ((directory (or directory default-directory))
(backend (vc-backend default-directory))
(remove current-prefix-arg))
(backend (or (vc-responsible-backend default-directory)
(error "Unknown backend"))))
(vc-call-backend backend 'ignore file directory remove)))
(defun vc-default-ignore (backend file &optional directory remove)
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