Commit ed8a2c3a authored by Per Bothner's avatar Per Bothner
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* config.guess: Combine mips-mips-riscos cases, and use cpp to

distinguish sysv/svr4/bsd variants.
parent 7e797bdb
......@@ -116,11 +116,27 @@ case "${UNAME_MACHINE}:${UNAME_SYSTEM}:${UNAME_RELEASE}:${UNAME_VERSION}" in
echo vax-dec-ultrix${UNAME_RELEASE}
exit 0 ;;
echo mips-mips-riscos4sysv
exit 0 ;;
echo mips-mips-riscos${UNAME_RELEASE}
mips:*:*:UMIPS | mips:*:*:RISCos)
sed 's/^ //' << EOF >dummy.c
int main (argc, argv) int argc; char **argv; {
#if defined (host_mips) && defined (MIPSEB)
#if defined (SYSTYPE_SYSV)
printf ("mips-mips-riscos%ssysv\n", argv[1]); exit (0);
#if defined (SYSTYPE_SVR4)
printf ("mips-mips-riscos%ssvr4\n", argv[1]); exit (0);
#if defined (SYSTYPE_BSD43) || defined(SYSTYPE_BSD)
printf ("mips-mips-riscos%sbsd\n", argv[1]); exit (0);
exit (-1);
${CC-cc} dummy.c -o dummy && ./dummy "${UNAME_RELEASE}" \
&& rm dummy.c dummy && exit 0
rm -f dummy.c dummy
echo mips-mips-riscos{UNAME_RELEASE}
exit 0 ;;
echo powerpc-harris-powerunix
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