Commit ed8bcabe authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(eval-expression): Don't bind debug-on-error if

eval-expression-debug-on-error is nil.  Detect changed
debug-on-error, and propagate new value to global binding, if
eval-expression-debug-on-error is non-nil,
(eval-expression-debug-on-error): Change doc string.
parent 080a57ba
......@@ -554,7 +554,8 @@ addition, the encoding is fully shown."
:version "21.1")
(defcustom eval-expression-debug-on-error t
"*Value to use for `debug-on-error' when evaluating in `eval-expression'."
"*Non-nil means set `debug-on-error' when evaluating in `eval-expression'.
If nil, don't change the value of `debug-on-error'."
:group 'lisp
:type 'boolean
:version "21.1")
......@@ -570,8 +571,20 @@ Value is also consed on to front of the variable `values'."
nil read-expression-map t
(let ((debug-on-error eval-expression-debug-on-error))
(setq values (cons (eval eval-expression-arg) values)))
(if (null eval-expression-debug-on-error)
(setq values (cons (eval eval-expression-arg) values))
(let ((old-value (make-symbol "t")) new-value)
;; Bind debug-on-error to something unique so that we can
;; detect when evaled code changes it.
(let ((debug-on-error old-value))
(setq values (cons (eval eval-expression-arg) values))
(setq new-value debug-on-error))
;; If evaled code has changed the value of debug-on-error,
;; propagate that change to the global binding.
(unless (eq old-value new-value)
(setq debug-on-error new-value))))
(let ((print-length eval-expression-print-length)
(print-level eval-expression-print-level))
(prin1 (car values)
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