Commit ed8c6a24 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(filesets-set-default): Doc fix.

parent 07e5fb9e
......@@ -250,8 +250,15 @@ key is supported."
; (customize-set-variable var val))
; (filesets-build-menu))
;; It seems this is a workaround for the XEmacs issue described in the
;; doc-string of filesets-menu-ensure-use-cached. Under Emacs this is
;; essentially just `set-default'.
(defun filesets-set-default (sym val &optional init-flag)
"Set-default wrapper function used in conjunction with `defcustom'."
"Set-default wrapper function used in conjunction with `defcustom'.
If SYM is in the list `filesets-ignore-next-set-default', delete
it from that list, and return nil. Otherwise, set the value of
SYM to VAL and return t. If INIT-FLAG is non-nil, set with
`custom-initialize-set', otherwise with `set-default'."
(let ((ignore-flag (member sym filesets-ignore-next-set-default)))
(if ignore-flag
(setq filesets-ignore-next-set-default
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