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(Saving Customizations): Emacs no longer loads `custom-file' after

.emacs in 21.4.  (It never did in prior versions.)  No longer mention
customizing through Custom.
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......@@ -487,21 +487,11 @@ set, saved or reset.
The customization buffer normally saves customizations in
@file{~/.emacs}. If you wish, you can save customizations in another
file instead. To make this work, your @file{~/.emacs} should set
@code{custom-file} to the name of that file. If you are using Emacs
version 21.4 or later, Emacs loads the file right after your
@file{.emacs} if you did not load it already. In earlier versions,
you have to load the file in your @file{~/emacs}. If you customize
@code{custom-file} through the @samp{Customize} interface, you still
need to load it in your @file{.emacs}, but there is no need to set
it. For example:
@code{custom-file} to the name of that file and load it. For example:
;; @r{if not set through the @samp{Customize} interface:}
(setq custom-file "~/.emacs-custom")
;; @r{in Emacs versions before 21.4 or if set through}
;; @r{the @samp{Customize} interface.}
(load "~/.emacs-custom")
(setq custom-file "~/.emacs-custom.el")
(load custom-file)
@end example
You can also use @code{custom-file} to specify different
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