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Eliminate newline

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......@@ -28140,8 +28140,7 @@ relative to
@texline @math{20 \mu{\rm Pa}}
(the threshhold of human hearing) is
@infoline @math{20 log10(60 uPa/ 20 uPa) dB = 20 log10(3) dB},
@texline @math{20 \log_{10}(60 \mu{\rm Pa}/20 \mu{\rm Pa}) {\rm dB} =
20 \log_{10}(3) {\rm dB}},
@texline @math{20 \log_{10}(60 \mu{\rm Pa}/20 \mu{\rm Pa}) {\rm dB} = 20 \log_{10}(3) {\rm dB}},
which is about
@infoline @math{9.54 dB}.
@texline @math{9.54 {\rm dB}}.
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