Commit edc42f56 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(ido-buffer-internal): Use with-no-warnings.

(ido-make-merged-file-list): Use while-no-input.
parent 0781c303
......@@ -1959,7 +1959,9 @@ If INITIAL is non-nil, it specifies the initial input string."
(if (eq method 'insert)
(ido-record-command 'insert-buffer buf)
(insert-buffer buf))
;; we really want to run insert-buffer here
(insert-buffer buf)))
(ido-visit-buffer buf method t)))
;; buffer doesn't exist
......@@ -3012,11 +3014,10 @@ for first matching file."
(let (res)
(message "Searching for `%s'...." text)
(condition-case nil
(unless (catch 'input-pending-p
(let ((throw-on-input 'input-pending-p))
(setq res (ido-make-merged-file-list-1 text auto wide))
(setq res 'input-pending-p))
(if (eq t (setq res
(ido-make-merged-file-list-1 text auto wide))))
(setq res 'input-pending-p))
(setq res t
ido-try-merged-list nil
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