Commit edd25567 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(unexec): Fix logic for rounding section boundaries.

parent d0cb5e04
......@@ -214,7 +214,8 @@ unexec (new_name, a_name, bndry, bss_start, entry)
Doing them twice gives incorrect results. */
extern struct link_dynamic _DYNAMIC;
unsigned long taddr = N_TXTADDR (ohdr);
unsigned long taddr = N_TXTADDR (ohdr) - N_TXTOFF (ohdr);
unsigned long daddr = N_DATADDR (ohdr) - N_DATOFF (ohdr);
unsigned long rel, erel;
unsigned rel_size;
......@@ -245,10 +246,14 @@ unexec (new_name, a_name, bndry, bss_start, entry)
for (; rel < erel; rel += rel_size)
unsigned long rpos = *(unsigned long *)(taddr + rel) - taddr;
if (rpos < (unsigned long)&data_start - taddr)
/* This is the unadjusted address from the reloc. */
unsigned long pos = *(unsigned long *)(taddr + rel);
/* This is the amount by which to adjust it. It
depends on which segment the address belongs to. */
unsigned long offset = (pos < (unsigned long)&data_start
? taddr : daddr);
/* This is the adjusted address from the reloc. */
unsigned long rpos = pos - offset;
lseek (new, N_TXTOFF (nhdr) + rpos, L_SET);
write (new, old + N_TXTOFF (ohdr) + rpos, sizeof (unsigned long));
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