Commit ee103a41 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(menu-bar-tools-menu): Minor change in strings.

parent df961c06
2003-07-25 Kevin Rodgers <> (tiny change)
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-tools-menu): Minor change in strings.
2003-07-23 Stefan Monnier <>
* vc-svn.el (vc-svn-diff-switches): Don't default to vc-diff-switches.
......@@ -1085,8 +1085,8 @@ PROPS are additional properties."
'(menu-item "Compile..." compile
:help "Invoke compiler or Make, view compilation errors"))
(define-key menu-bar-tools-menu [grep]
'(menu-item "Search Files (Grep)..." grep
:help "Search files for strings or regexps (with Grep)"))
'(menu-item "Search Files (with grep)..." grep
:help "Search files for strings or regexps (with grep)"))
;; The "Help" menu items
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